Looking Ahead: 2017

Hey there!

I hope that everyone’s Thursday is going well.  The first Thursday of Two Thousand and SEVENTEEN.  Holy Cows.  The SEVENTEEN is really emphasized because I keep forgetting!  Yesterday, I’m pretty sure I wrote 2016 on a check and I keep saying December.  Whoops!

But now it’s time to look ahead.  I’m not really looking at this blog post as a New Year’s Resolutions type page.  But more of a “let’s see how much we can get out of 2017” post.  They’re ideas I’ve had in the past year or so that I thought would be fun to try out sooner or later.  So I’m choosing 2017 as a starting point!

Goals for 2017:

One: Make at least one recipe from a cookbook.  So it can’t be from an online resource or blog.  I have so many wonderful cookbooks to choose from that I need to utilize more.  Plus, I got a super snazzy cookbook holder at Christmas that I want to use all of the time. Continue reading “Looking Ahead: 2017”

Cranberry Deviled Eggs

Since this is my first post this year, happy 2017 everyone!

So weird.  I’m having a hard time believing that it’s a new year.  It’ll take me a few months to remember to write “2017” for dates but I’ll get there by March, hopefully.  It’s also weird because I like even numbers more than odd…  dunno why, but I just do.  For instance, it bothers me that I graduated in 2015 and when the volume number in the car is on an odd number.  Please tell me someone else is that way, too?

recipeTo get back to writing a blog post (sorry folks, life just gets in the way sometimes!), I thought it’d be a good idea to publish a recipe.  And a spunky recipe at that!  Whoever thought that cranberries would taste great in eggs?? Continue reading “Cranberry Deviled Eggs”

Staying Fit with Your Family

We’re in that tough, awkward season.  You know this “season” – it’s the time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  This is the time when we battle treating ourselves to one more cookie.  But it’s also the time where we wake up with every intention to exercise some time that day but then look at the thermostat and decide freezing your face off isn’t on the schedule.

It’s that time of year where I bake more than normal because baked goods make the best Christmas gifts! Continue reading “Staying Fit with Your Family”

21 Things I Like About Winter

Winter has officially begun!  Yesterday was the winter solstice.  The weather has finally turned chilly and grey.  And Christmas is just around the corner.

From my brief description, you may be able to get the feeling that I don’t care much for the colder season.  So I’ll be 100% honest with you: I hate the cold.  I get cold so easily, it’s painful, and no fun.  However, living in Blacksburg taught me how to dress to stay warm so I’m kinda okay with winter now.  Kinda.

Yesterday, when I realized that it was the start of the coldest season, I immediately cringed.  I probably had a scowl, slumped down, held my tea with both of my hands, and could have shed a tear if I tried really hard.  But!  As I was browsing through our local newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot, Joanne Kimberlin had a small article titled, “Longest night of the year means it all gets lighter from here.”  God bless her!  She turned my whole perspective upside down to realize that there are good things about winter! Continue reading “21 Things I Like About Winter”

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s practically here!  Which is good for the few of you who have presents already taken care of.  Then there’s the majority of folks who are still searching and brainstorming what to get for those few people who already have everything they need and always respond that “they don’t want anything.”  Last year that happened to my dad…  So he got 4 or 5 bottles of bourbon – whoops!  Don’t worry, dad, I’ve got something else in store for you. πŸ˜‰So there are the regular presents that everyone places underneath the Christmas tree.  And then there are the stockings!  If I’m being honest, stockings may be one of the most exciting parts of Christmas Day.  Stockings have the little things that you will want or need everyday.  My mom’s been super smart by putting in hand lotions which I run out of often and other fun treats.  M’s mom stashes their stockings with chocolate; unfortunately πŸ˜‰ she knows that I love dark chocolate so that’s where I get my annual chocolate stash. Continue reading “Stocking Stuffer Ideas”

Collection of Gift Guides

Good morning!

Driving around, I’ve been able to notice more decorations and more signs that winter is here.  People are wearing fun Christmas sweaters, earrings, and scarfs.  The weather has gotten everyone in the groove that it’s actually December and a colder season.  Christmas music on the radio has really helped me get into the holiday spirit. πŸ™‚  Yes, yes I am listening to 101.3 at this moment.  How is this the first year that I’m really listening to more than 2 Christmas songs?? Continue reading “Collection of Gift Guides”

Thoughts at the End of the Fall CSA with Cullipher Farm

Cullipher FarmIt’s just now starting to get colder her on the coast of Virginia.  Surprisingly to all, I think, it’s only been in the 30’s a few times and we haven’t had to pull out our warmest outer layers.  And we still have some vegetables growing in the garden!  Our garden has stayed pretty despite the tomato plants dying.  The rose bush bloomed again and the few cruciferous veggies bring plenty of color to the garden.

Cullipher FarmFrom my limited experience of helping my mom with the garden, I’ve learned that growing vegetables is both tough and overwhelming.  Tough because sometimes the plants don’t make it, they are eaten by the wildlife, or the weather doesn’t support the plant’s growth.  Growing a garden can be overwhelming because when the plants bear their fruit, it can be a whooooole lotta produce all at once.  Like a gazillion cherry tomatoes or what feels like acres of watermelons.  So thank goodness for farmers! Continue reading “Thoughts at the End of the Fall CSA with Cullipher Farm”

End of November Tidbits

November was a fun filled month in this year of 2016.  Everyone I knew was a busy bee.  Much thanks to the weather here in VA still being warm and sunny πŸ™‚  Has anyone even had any snow, yet?november-tidbitsToday’s post is a mish mash of random tidbits that I’ve collected over the past night.  There’s some links and a few favorite moments and some past blog posts.  And I just need to get these links off of my favorites tab before I forget to share them with you! Continue reading “End of November Tidbits”

Favorite Home Workout Resources

Y’all.  Look at your calendar.  It’s December the FIRST?!  That’s pretty darn exciting.  Why, you ask?  Because that means the semester is sososo close to being over.  And it’s the holidays and I find that everyone is much more cheerier around this time.  (Except for my dad who’s too manly to be cheerful. πŸ˜‰ )

How’s your week going?  Mine’s going pretty well.  I’ll go ahead and confess that my drive with school has gone downhill.  Not sure why since this may be the first time since ever.  Probably has to do with too much reading and too many other fun things that I want to do.  Like making Christmas presents!  Watch out, my friends, you’ll be getting some simple – but hopefully exciting – presents… if I like you πŸ˜‰  Kidding. 

However!  My drive to workout has not dissipated!  Working out is something I love to do.  I truly enjoy it because I look at it as a way to “celebrate” what our bodies are able to do – not as punishment or just because “I know I should workout.” 

at-home-workout-resources Continue reading “Favorite Home Workout Resources”

Fall CSA Week 11

Good morning and Happy Almost December!

Which brings me to point out Γ  Can you believe this!??  Dat’s crayyyyzzzy!  I’m excited about the holidays.  However.  One of y pet peeves is that so many people SKIP my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and start decorating for Christmas after Halloween.  Unacceptable and atrocious, I say.

And so NOOWW that it’s after Turkey Day, we’ve put up our first Christmas decorations.  My first Christmas decoration was from my Great Aunt A and it’s beautiful and very unique.  M’s mom just gave us a beautiful Christmas decoration when we visited them this past week.  I need to find spots for those Christmas decorations in our small home.  At least it won’t take too much time to decorate! πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “Fall CSA Week 11”