End of Summer Round-Up

End of Summer Round-Up

With the beginning of the school year comes the end of summer.  That may be the saddest sentence ever to appear on my blog!  However, as many are apt to point out, the changing of seasons is nice.  It’s nice to have variety despite how hot the summer has been or how much I dread the cold weather looming in the winter.  Virginia’s four seasons are not on the edge of the specturm so I’m happy to have a little bit of everything every year.

Before I share some pictures from throughout the summer, I should apologize for being absent from the blog for almost two weeks.  But sometimes life moves WAY too fast for you to fit everything into one day.  And sometimes I need a break from looking at a screen.  We all need breaks and my family vacation proved the perfect time to take a break before starting graduate school.  So here is a simple blog post to catch up on the two weddings I attended this summer and our newest family members!

Wedding Round-Up

B & DJ weddingMy first wedding (there were only two so don’t get too excited) was in central Virginia.  Driving back through mountains gave me a pleasant feeling as I have not done so since driving north from Mississippi and when I drove to and from Virginia Tech.  The wedding was held in Lowry, Virginia in the beginning of July.  While we made a trip out of the car drive from Virginia Beach, the highlight was definitely attending the wedding! Continue reading “End of Summer Round-Up”

Graduate Q&A

Graduate school posts are coming to the Ruth’s Corner of the Universe!  These are to be casual yet informative posts as I start graduate school in the fall of 2016.  While these posts are to help me ready myself for the adventure ahead, I hope that this helps others who may be looking into different graduate schools or are curious about graduate student life.

Entering Graduate School

As I researched various graduate programs after graduating from Virginia Tech in Spring 2015, I was mostly directed to school websites.  Which is fine and dandy, however, I was hoping to find bloggers or individuals not particularly biased to a particular program who had written about their experiences so that I could read a more personalized account of what to expect, what you should do prior to beginning classes, etc.  For those who want to become an RN you have SO many resources out there about bloggers who frequently discussed their medical training and timeline, such as Kath over at Kath Eats Real Food.  Becoming an RN was not what I was after so I was left to base my research on school websites.  But I’d like to change that!

At the end of August, I will be starting classes for graduate school!  I will be attending William & Mary at the School of Education for Marriage & Family Counseling.  My hope is to post blog posts as a glimpse into a counseling graduate student’s life for others who may be curious about becoming a counselor.  I have taken a year off from school so these graduate school posts are as helpful for you as they are for me! Continue reading “Graduate Q&A”

Oceanfront vs Bayside Restaurant Edition

This is one of many posts that I hope will convince you to love Virginia.  Who doesn’t love great food and fun restaurants?  If you want to see other posts about living in Virginia, click here.  Read on only if you are curious about two awesome restaurants in Hampton Roads: Pacifica and One Fish Two Fish.

Restaurant Edition: Oceanfront VS Bayside

If there is one thing that constantly amazes me it is the amount of restaurants, cafes, diners, bars, and eateries there are in Hampton Roads.  Every street has a restaurant and every restaurant has a gazillion options.  There is a non-seafood restaurant to match every seafood restaurant that serves fresh seafood caught that day.  Every ethnicity is represented and every restaurant offers something unique that other competitors can’t match.  I think you could dine somewhere new every week for a gazillion years and never repeat a restaurant.  😉  Okay, maybe only 10 years, but you get the point.

Another thing that will always amaze me is that M has gotten really good at spoiling me rotten with date nights.  We have similar tastes in food so it has been easy to compromise on a restaurant.  Plus, we have a constantly growing list of places to eat and drink so we find it easy to pick.  (Note to self: we should write down the places before we forget…) Back to my point that I’m spoiled rotten.  M knows exactly what I like or what I want to try out.  A while ago, I had mentioned that I would love to try out a restaurant that serves tapas.  Which led him to discovering Pacifica on the oceanfront of Virginia Beach. Continue reading “Oceanfront vs Bayside Restaurant Edition”

Summer CSA Week 15

As a new member of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Virginia Beach,I have started a series on the blog to document the vegetable and fruit goodies each week.  This is to keep me accountable to try new fruits and vegetables, try new cooking methods or recipes, and spread the word about supporting local farmers.  Click here for more information about being a member of a CSA, Cullipher Farm, and a recap of each week.

Summer CSA Week 15

CSALast week I had a minor panic attack because I thought there were only 15 weeks for the Summer CSA at Cullipher Farms.  Just kidding!  I actually looked at the website and there are 18 weeks – woo hoo!  There’s no rhyme or reason to why I thought there were only 15 but it’s good news to me. Continue reading “Summer CSA Week 15”

What To Do With Waffles Roundup

Hey everyone!

waffle I bet I caught your attention with just “waffles,” didn’t I?  😉  That’s not a bad thing so don’t feel ashamed.  Last week, I shared a roundup of meals I loved making noodles with my sprializer, Sprialized Vegetable Roundup.  Today’s post isn’t a recipe but ideas to help inspire you with ideas to enjoy an entire batch (or doubled 😉 ) of waffles! Continue reading “What To Do With Waffles Roundup”

More Virginia Farmer’s Market Fun

Good morning and happy Monday!

How are you?  What did you do this weekend??  I’d love to hear it all!  Hopefully you made it out to a farmer’s market or a market stand near you.  Farmer’s markets are my favorite places to load up on produce.  While our CSA with Cullipher Farm does a great job at keeping us well stocked, it’s still nice to grab a few other things in between picking up our CSA box.  Pick up is Wednesday so Saturday markets are perfect to grab more if we need any vegetables or fruit.

Which farmer’s market I go to on Saturday’s changes all the time since I end up traveling on weekends.  When I am home in Virginia Beach, M & I walk over to the Shore Drive Farmer’s Market (picture above).  Often on the weekends, I am in Mathews, VA.  My mom and I love going to the Mathews Farmer’s Market because they have everything you need. Continue reading “More Virginia Farmer’s Market Fun”

Summer CSA Week 14

As a new member of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Virginia Beach,I have started a series on the blog to document the vegetable and fruit goodies each week.  This is to keep me accountable to try new fruits and vegetables, try new cooking methods or recipes, and spread the word about supporting local farmers.  Click here for more information about being a member of a CSA, Cullipher Farm, and a recap of each week.

Summer CSA Week 14

CSA Another week of summer has gone and it’s suddenly August!  No one seems pleased that it is already August…  Many conversations have start out with, “Where did July go?”  Honestly, I am not upset.  Yes, I love the summer weather more than winter.  Yes, it is the time of year when we most often get outside.  But I’m ready to go back to school.  I feel as though I’ve been on summer vacation for a year despite working.  Graduate school will be challenging but I’m much happier staying busy and working toward a goal, studying, and reading. Continue reading “Summer CSA Week 14”

Beans: Potentially Hazardous AND Potentially Beneficial

It’s time for me to come clean about some life lessons I’ve learned while “adulting.”  A few weeks ago, I wrote a post: Adulting with Homemade Staples & Shoes.  Well, this “adulting” didn’t go as planned as many life lessons turn out.  So here’s a recap of how my “adulting” went…

The bread turned out great.  It got us through lunches with sandwiches and breakfasts with toast and french toast.  The BBQ sauce turned out alright, at first.  Since I was making one AND a half of the recipe, I mixed up the measurements and the sauce ended up too sweet.  After waiting a week for the next CSA pick-up, I then could add more tomatoes to the sauce and it turned out just fine.  (Note: if you do want to make Lee’s Sweet Maple BBQ sauce, use the strained tomatoes the recipe calls for.  Using diced, fresh tomatoes will yield a more liquidy sauce, duh, but I had so many ‘maters from the CSA so I just had to use fresh tomatoes.)  So both the bread and the sauce turned out great.  But then the beans…

Adulting Gone Bad

dried beans Continue reading “Beans: Potentially Hazardous AND Potentially Beneficial”

Spiralized Vegetable Roundup

One thing that I have pondered is what would servants and home cooks think about the modern kitchen.  They would probably love the oven, refrigerator, and sink.  But they may be confused at the boxed goods in our pantries, eating produce out of season, and why we love having kitchen and cooking gadgets out of the wazzoo.  Spiralizers would probably be in a whole different category, such as the “WTF would you need that for so get rid of it” Category.

Kitchen Toy Must Have: A Spiralizer

At my young age, I probably have way too many kitchen toys.  Is that a bad thing?  Na.  Do I feel ashamed?  Nope.  Do I think it’s worth it?  Yup.  Are there more kitchen toys that would be nice to have?  I could name a few. 😉  Do I ever get tired of cleaning these said kitchen gadgets?  YES.

Spiralized Meals Collage Continue reading “Spiralized Vegetable Roundup”

Local Spotlight: The Full Cup

Exploring is something I really love.  I love to explore new restaurants, businesses, and parks.  It gets me outside, walking around, and interacting with business men and women who care about their customers.  Discovering gets me involved with the community and it’s where I am able to “vote with my money.”  No, I am not Christopher Columbus and nor do I have the interest (or mullah) to travel across the sea to invest in far away places.  Instead, I’m interested in checking out shops in Virginia where I am more likely to help the businesses and where they are more likely to care for me as a customer.

How: LoveVA

LoveVA App FrontYou may find yourself wondering, “Now how do you start this adventure of discovering businesses that fit your interests and needs?”  Well, Billy or Sue, I use the phone app LoveVA!  This app connects businesses with customers by offering discounts.  Discounts are earned when you earn 10 hearts; each heart is earned when you make a purchase from a store that is active with LoveVA.  Each store has a QR code that you scan with your phone and the phone app tallies up the hearts for you.  It’s easy as that! Continue reading “Local Spotlight: The Full Cup”